Is the world big enough to find another Steve?

There are millions of people out there who never met Steve in person (just like me) but still they feel the loss today. This man was kicked out of the company he founded and yet he was confident enough to come up with company like pixar, such a caliber he had. Today his death created a huge void in this world and I am not sure if I can see another Steve in my lifetime. I don't know about Albert Einstein (1879-1955) nor I heard his speech but I do know about the Einstein (1955-2011) of our era and did hear his speeches. I am proud to say that I am of his era.

The apricot orchards where he grew was now called Silicon Valley, a home place for many companies.  Now the question stays intact and do we see another Steve from silicon valley. There are many people who have tasted success but is that mere factor to replace such a visionary? In Jobs words, 'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish', who has that hunger? Here are the cards we should look after Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook - Man who made people use internet to meet their friends, Larry-Sergey who didn't stop by just launching a search engine to find data. 

Finally, I am happy that a person who fused the creativity into technology, the person who has no foes but fans, the person who resembles in every product that the company launched, who seek perfection in the design is of our times. Thanks for everything you have done to this world. R.I.P