Mark Zuckerberg is Not the first FaceBook User.....????

                           Facebook of the most popular social networking site..!! When i am facebooking today suddenly i got one strange doubt...!!Who opened the first FaceBook account...???Then i thought Mark Zukerberg is the founder of this company he will be the first FaceBook User..!!But surprisingly he is not...!!Strange....!!is n't it??Every Facebook user has one FaceBook id by which his profile information will be stored in FB database.So in this case if Zukerberg is the first user of FB he should have faceBook id=1 in facebook Database.But his ID is 4 in faceBook Database.I was able to get the list of all users in FaceBook with their corresponding FaceBook Id's and Their Names in FaceBook.Here is the sample list of first-50 FaceBook Users With their FaceBook Id's and their Corresponding names.First 50 Facebook users are all co-founders and first employees of Facebook.You can see some FaceBook id's are not there ..!!(Ex:1,2,3)..!!I don't have much idea why these id's are missing.Probably these users might have deleted their account long back before the new features were added or Facebook might have used these id's for testing purpose. 

User Id in FaceBook Database

Name of the user in facebook

4Mark Zuckerberg
5Chris Hughes
6Dustin Moskovitz
7Arie Hasit
10Marcel Laverdet
11Soleio Cuervo
13Chris Putnam
26Andrew McCollum
27Colin Kelly
28Mark Kaganovich
29Andrei Boros
30Tono Aguilar
31Zach Bercu
32Samyr Laine
33Sarah Goodin
34Kang-Xing Jin
35Colin Jackson
36David Jakus
37David Hammer
38Alana V. Davis
40Ebonie Hazle
41Eduardo Saverin
42Joe Green
44Greg Friedman
45Hilary Scurlock Cocalis
46Billy Olson
47Ada McMahon
48Amie Broder
49Ryan McAuliffe
David Slichter