PlayCez: Upcoming Era of Recommendation Engines

Had this been a decade ago, people would have been satisfied with whatever info you provide them irrespective of the fashion in which you serve them. But technologies emerge around you and people are seeking for the best of the best out there. This is where the concept of Recommendation Enginescome into play. Recommendation Engines are not new to this world, but the density of users seeking these have been on rise.  Geo location based recommendations need pioneers at work to promise the service. Talking of these services, I need to talk about an upcoming "Visual Recommendation Engine", PlayCez.

PlayCez is a web application, that recommends places to people based on the interests and the likes of their pals. PlayCez takes the inputs from the user in well designed and structured way to provide them the most appropriate places accordingly. The application uses latest technologies out there to make users feel the freshness of the web. Some quick technologies, I can point out to - Google Maps v3, JQuery and not to miss, their mobile site is  through JQuery Mobile, which will be launched very soon.

The developers are keeping every aspect of this application quite different and innovative. For example, the error page of this application is amazingly built and poured in the dynamic entity with the usage of Google Maps API and unlike the boring "Oops 404" pages, you see across the web. You can check the error page over here. As said earlier, the application uses the Google Maps v3 for recommending the users the places in their neighborhood with beautiful overlays embedded into the maps with several options. If you are really interested in Maps v3, here is a small snippet of code and make similar kind of  pages for yourself.