See the photos of all FaceBook Users Now.....!!!

                           Finally i was able to get Facebook profile picture  of any user.Just a 10 lines of Java Script completed my Task. Now you can see any Facebook user profile picture....!!What u just wanna do is just type the Facebook name or Facebook id.

For Facebook Email Registered Users

                           Let me tell you how to get Facebook name.If you dont know whats the Facebook name....its just the name you are using to login facebook if you have registered facebook email. For Example  mark zuckerberg registered with facebook mail with address "".So you just need to type "zuck" here by clicking the link below to get the profile picture of Mark Zuckerberg.
For Gmail,Yahoo Mail and Other Mail Servers

                          For users who are logging in to facebook with some other mail servers like 'yahoo mail','gmail','hotmail' can just type username by removing '' or ''.
Ex: "" is the login ur using,Just type "abc" to get the Picture.

                          If you know facebook id you can type here directly(you can try some random id's also Ex:1234).If you dont know the id of the person then u can get that id  by clicking the user's profile.Once u click that user's profile the url will be in the following format.Get the number after this url "" and type in the link below to get that facebook user's profile picture.

 click here to get  facebook profile picture..!!

If you have slow internet connection it will take few more moments to display the picture.Otherwise you can see the magic faster..!!Hope you enjoyed this stuff....!!

Enjoy the Magic.......:)