Graphing with Google

All you math lovers out there, you need not look out for the web graphing tools or graphing calculators any more. Google does that for you! Yeah, Google introduced an interactive graphing tool into its own search interface. The graphing calculator works with the formulae separated with comma as input and a beautiful SVG Graph as the output. Here are some screen shots, I have tried.

                                                           Single formula

Try the above formula from here on Google. These Graphs support you with options like Zoom in and Zoom out which adjusts the scale of the graphs and you can try the multi-formulae version from here.

                                                         Multiple formula

In this multi formulae version, you can see the point scale with the color you choose from the top right corner. This is one useful tool if you are into graphing off late. Did you find any thing more on this aspect, let us and your fellow readers know by commenting below.